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[AC Unity] The Temple [Lethal Stealth]

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Germain reached (twice) without being detected.
Due to the design of this mission, its guard placement, and Assassin's Creed Unity's overall lack of true dedicated Stealth mechanics, it is more interesting to play this mission with a theme of Lethal Stealth than to go Non-Lethal. It's possible to go Non-Lethal, but not to remain unseen while doing it in the first half - so I would have just ran past everybody as I alerted the entire castle. The second half goes a little easier on the player when it comes to that, so I go Non-Lethal Stealth there.

This marks the end of my Assassin's Creed Unity videos.

I didn't post my previous two on TheHiddenBlade as separate topics (La Touche and Robespierre) because they're less interesting to watch. You may still view them here.

La Touche: