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AC Unity's Prologue [Observations/Mapping]

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Leo K
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  • It is NOT possible to use Eagle Vision
  • It is NOT possible to open the Map Screen
  • It is NOT possible to change weapons/gadgets
  • It is NOT possible to kill all the enemies - they respawn infinitely
  • It is NOT possible to perform ANY Stealth (no crouch no assassinate)
  • It is NOT possible to exit into Paris (possible OOB opportunity?)
  • It is POSSIBLE to die
  • It is POSSIBLE to find/kill the renegade Templar you see knocking on the gate
  • It is POSSIBLE to get the "Chopped!" Trophy/Achievement here
  • It is POSSIBLE to climb, and to use Controlled Descent here
  • It is POSSIBLE to desync by "losing" Thomas de Carneillon (the Assassin)
  • It is POSSIBLE to get Thomas to start attacking corpses, which will actually come back to life, but stand absolutely still as he attacks them. They never die. Just climb a building so he doesn't see you and let him detect them.

Thomas de Carneillon actually has an Extremist's face (red guards) and an Extremist's voice. You can hear it if you start running away from him. I'll have a video of this amusing "attacking bodies" glitch uploaded soon enough, then you can see it for yourselves. It happens after he throws his flashbomb and you chase him to the second part of the fight.

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Altair Auditore
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This is actually really helpfull, I was pondering whether or not I should replay the prologue to see if there's room for some fun but seeing as how limited the gameplay is, I think I'll pass.

Still a shame that you are unable to play the prologue without erasing your savefile and starting over.

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Having a little exploring on my pc:

Looks like in prologue the game only loads a very small scale of Paris. It's possible to explore Paris using a teleport cheat on pc.