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[AC2] Farewell Francesco - No Kills / Target Only

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Ezio Auditore decides it would be less exhausting to find a more difficult, alternative method of climbing the Palazzo de la Signoria, than it would be to fight and kill all of Francesco's guards. He's got a better way of getting to the man who threatened all of Florence. And none of his guards need to die.

I use one of Aurel's routes for this video, because he's awesome and Assassins tend to use what others have contributed pretty often.

A quick and easy way to beat the "Farewell Francesco" memory without killing any of Francesco's guards. It does have the side-effect of making them feel very stupid, however. Then again, an Assassin's purview definitely involves striking from totally unexpected directions. You can make NPCs fall off of things they're climbing by jumping into them. I use this to let me get a very fast Assassination, else he'd run around for an annoying amount of time.

The Uberto memory is a Tutorial for Assassinations, and killing Vieri is done with the help of Mario and a dozen or so of his mercenaries, so this is the first-ever Assassination in which Ezio (and the player) are more or less completely independent. The increased amount of freedom, like letting the player explore opportunities through the parkour and climbing mechanics, reflects that.

There's something about this memory that I really love. Maybe it's the fact that it takes place at night-time, and has this dark, moody vibe. You can really feel that Ezio's grown a certain amount, and I find it both amusing and sad, how much of a coward Francesco is. Not that he's not right to fear the Assassins; it's undoubtedly terrifying to have them chasing you. Still.

I'm considering doing Target-Only runs of all AC2/Brotherhood/Revelations main targets, but that might be something that's largely already been done. I'd have to check back and make sure.