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Contracts | No HUD, Full Sync, No Detects

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Commentary Variant:

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Side Memories | Assassinations
Full Synchronization, No Detection, No Commentary
Easy (Easiest?) Methods

0:00 Two's Company
2:29 Tactical Correction
3:28 ...And Three's A Crowd
4:41 Serf's Turf
5:55 The Three Amici
8:11 Red Letter Day
9:04 The Merchant of Rome
9:57 Bearers of Bad News
11:16 Cardinal Sin
12:39 Turning The Tables
14:50 Graduation
17:03 Brutes and Brutality

I love this game a whole lot and I felt like revisiting it while making a complete joke out of its Side Assassinations. In reality, the Full Syncs for these are super easy if you know how items work.

Brotherhood making Smoke Bombs throwable is what causes Full Sync No Detect to be possible on all of these. Without this mechanic, the player would have to choose between either Full Sync or No Detects in certain situations, it wouldn't be possible to clear both conditions at once in every mission. Throwable Smoke means the player can put a disable/stun on certain enemies but still kill them with a specific weapon (usually the Hidden Blade) and not be in breach of the Full Sync constraint. Very useful.

The Contract "Turning The Tables" has the Full Sync Constraint: "Kill 1 Brute, 1 Seeker, 1 Papal Guard with their own weapon." What it actually means though, is kill one of each with their own weapon type. This is what allows No Detects Full Sync here. The player can stun both, remove one, pick up the fallen's weapon, and use it on the one still coughing. Conditions ticked!