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The Fastest Way to Kill Guards During Combat (for beginners)

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Combat in Ac Unity is hard, the hardest it's ever been. With the hidden blade not in use during regular combat it would be nice to have a creative method of taking out your enemies without having to constantly swing your weapon at them, a silver bullet if you will. Here is where the video comes in.

Corner Assassinations

Assassinating from a corner is a technique meant to be used outside of fighting. In Unity you press the legs button Xbox A button / PS3 cross button to get behind a cover in either a standing or crouching position. Then wait for an enemy to get in range to assassinate. In high profile you can get them from farther away, although it compromises your hiding.

Now for putting this technique in good use during combat. You can't use the "cover" option while in a battle stance, so you'll have to put some distance between you enemies first. Ducking behind a cover will break their line of sight so they'll search for you instead of instantly attacking you. With some luck you can get a few kills in before you get in conflict. When that happens run to another cover and repeat. Try not to get detected by too many enemies or they will flank you. To help aid in this use smoke bombs to lose the sight of foes and other items such as berserk darts.

When you get better equipment it may not be necessary to hide and corner kill during fights, although it will still help when dealing with pesky high level enemies.

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I do that all the time. Big smile

Great video!