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Goddammit Ubisoft

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So I spent about 20 hours this week finally finishing Unity... or so I thought.

There is ONE chest that is glitching and not opening for me. ONE GODDAMN CHEST.

Additionally, the Helix Rift missions aren't registering when I beat someone else's score for the "bonus" objective. The whole list is gold (so 100% on the missions), but on 5 of the 7, the "bonus" objective isn't checked. I purposely went back to three different ones to beat the score, and did it successfully, but it's not registering.

So, two different glitches prevent me from 100%ing this game.
- Random chest not opening (which was supposedly fixed in patch 5) (chests stuck on 99%)
- Scores not recording for Helix Rift bonus objectives (missions stuck on 64%, even though they are all gold)


video coming soon, I guess...

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