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Le Peletier Window Infiltration Assassination

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 10 A Dinner Engagement.

Window Infiltration Assassination

A creative kill idea. After the target walks or flees to his room, move him in front of the window. Notice an attempted knockout puts him in combat mode, but he's unable to attack because of his AI.

Now start the bribe scene and proceed as normal. Being able to assassinate le Peletier before entering the room, you pretty much made the window cleaners partners in crime.

Scene Glitch

If you kill the guy cleaning the window (which is pretty much the only way to interact with him), the bribing scene cannot start. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Random Physics Glitch

After a low profile assassination, the target just stood there for a short while before flopping down in a front flip.

Sorry if the video feels lacking; I had originally planned a variety pack with this included but lost interest. What I had seemed to warrant a video.