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Taking Apart Stealth (A Deconstruction of 24 Elements of Stealth Games)

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This isn't explicitly AC-related, but I thought this might be useful to a lot of the discussions we have around here. It's basically a formalized denoting of rules that a stealth game might have.
Many genres such as platformers and shooters already have an established vocabulary for their basic concepts, but people often seem to gloss over similar things for stealth games and put them all under the same roof.

This isn't about the parts of stealth games that might borrow from other genres, such as combat or basic movement, but solely focused on the nuts and bolts of evading detection and guard behavior both before and after the player is spotted.

I thought that there could be a few more points dedicated to the concepts of social stealth and restricted areas, but one could argue that those systems are as different from the core mechanics of stealth as combat is, and this is clearly not meant to be a "complete" listing anyways.

Also found this exchange from the comments amusing:

Anonymous: In the Ass Creed games guards will block off avenues of escape #17

Chris Wagar (author): Well shit, I didn’t want to give asscreed credit for anything, but there you go.

(speaking of that, I've always wished they'd try to make that appear more organic and informed by guard's perception rather than making them seem psychically attuned to the player being in a chase or not. Also doesn't help that they technically haven't detected you during that stance, leading to weird situations where you can kill/escape your pursuers in their line of sight and they just relax, go back to their normal poses, and let you pass.)

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Stealth games has a broad field to discuss. and there are some limitations that must be resolved. i really the way this topic has covered in this post.