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[AC Unity] Hoarders [Lethal] [Full Sync] [Speedrun]

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Leo K
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As requested by haloryder on Reddit.

If the guard position or pattern is different (say, if you Restart from Checkpoint instead of Restart Memory) the same strategy works - just run the same way with the same timing and Phantom Blade guards that face you along the way. Brutes (bigger-looking guys) will have to be Headshotted in Manual Aim. Others can just be Quicktapped.

Aurel discovered the Berserk Dart trick I use here, to make Marie come to me. He also has a quicker route than mine, but I don't have the balls to do the melee stealth kills he does, so I just Phantom Blade people for safety. This was his post;

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Damn that was slick.

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