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[AC Unity] Starving Times - Stealth Kills

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Assassin's Creed Unity
Sequence 9 Memory 1: Starving Times (Checkpoint 2)
Style: Lethal / Stealth Kills / Stealth Reaper

Tool Notes: Phantom Blades see heavy use here due to the long distances between enemies on these docks, and lack of sufficient cover to block all sightlines.

Other Notes: Pay attention to how hilariously Arno's body contorts when I do the Cover Kill animation after hiding behind the boxes in the beginning of the video. I LMAO every time.

This is a companion video to my Non-Lethal run of the same mission:

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Ice. Cold. Killer.

This is probably my favorite way to play old memories/games.... Walk through like a boss and kill everything in your way without breaking a sweat or even your stride.

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