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Assassination Contracts, by request

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Dead on Arrival, requested by Jack-Reacher
The goal is to Anonymously kill the target by superblend. If you are unfamiliar with superblending, you can read about it here:

Luckily, there is a ladder near the target. Just wait for a group of people to pass by, and superblend up the ladder. The target will start to flee if you lock onto him, so you need to use the game's autotargeting for the air assassination. As a result, it is best to eliminate the nearby archer as shown so that you don't inadvertently kill him instead of your intended target. Killing the archer first also allows you to complete the contract completely undetected.

Caveat Emptor, requested by bebei0000
The goal is only to finish this mission in an interesting fashion. The target approaches a blacksmith, and he will stay there endlessly, never leaving. I can only assume that he is paying by check. Nonetheless, you can still access the blacksmith with him in front of you. I buy a nice heavy mace and clobber him with it. (WARNING: Never pay by check if you are ahead of Ian in line.)

False Legacy, requested by Jack-Reacher and CUWCproductions
The goal is to poison the target and leave without being seen at any time (no yellow bars). Toss some coins as shown to distract the guard posts around the target. Each guard post has 2 guards. After the guards turn toward the tossed coins, walk behind the guards of a specific post, not between them. Quietly poison the target, and escape the same way - by passing behind the guards of a post.

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The Caveat Emptor one is priceless. Are you only doing requests, or will you eventually work your way through all of the contracts?

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thx lisa! i dont think i'll be making vids for all of the contracts, as many of them arent very interesting to me. i'm taking requests for other contracts, if you would like to make one. i enjoy challenges. many of my ac1 videos were due to challenges from stabguy.

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LOL! Your tactic on Caveat Emperor is exactly how I did it. I blended to the shop, bought the Channeled Cuinnaquida (or what's it called), and quickly cut his throat. Crazy

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