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No Laughing Matter

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No Laughing Matter Mysterious Deaths and Stunts with an Axe

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Here's a description of the video.

Mysterious deaths: For the first target I simply climb up behind him to poison. Luckily the guards are too far enough away to notice you. You will know if the target saw you because you will usually hear an exclamation, and it will tell you to reduce distance to target if you get too far away.

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No Laughing Matter Dynamic Stunts and Tripwires

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[From the forums -- stabguy]

Here is a description of the video:

Dynamic Stunts: If I remember correctly a dynamic stunt is a stunt done on a fleeing target from a high height. I especially liked it because I had never done this before, and I heard it was the favorite assassination style of a certain person. Wink This involves using a smoke bomb from a distance to make a fleeing target run without having to worry about desyncronizing if he gets too far away. The targets usually take predictable paths (not random) depending on where you are when you throw the smoke bomb.

Tripwires: Tripwire is basically aiming with your hidden gun and shooting when the target passes by, and since the targets take certain routes with the smoke bomb trick I decided to use the hidden gun's tripwire kill when they
come to a certain spot. But one thing I don't like about this is the fact that other characters walk through the wire before the target does. Nevertheless I did try to keep them away (just to make it more realistic) with dead bodies and poisoned people, but that didn't help much. So lets just say they saw the wire and walked over/ducked under it while the target was too busy running to notice it. Big smile

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