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Caveat Emptor: Mysterious Death

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Now that we have a contracts section you may notice im making more videos on contracts, I would appreciate any requests on other contracts as well now that I know more about the game and can make them more interesting. I like contracts because almost each stage has something unique about it.

This one was a pain, was almost convinced it was impossible. I have 2 versions, one for Incognito and one for Notorious ( turned HUD off but you can tell by cape and music).

The basic rules for this target is that he starts off talking to the Seeker, and if you get close enough he will walk to the store. Once he gets to the store, its pretty much impossible to do a Mysterious Death thanks to the Seeker, who will be alerted to you even while Incognito. I tried Hyperblending and dropping down to poison, but its impossible to get away from the seeker before the blend wears off.

The first clip is Incognito. I had to wait for a crowd to go along this particular entrance. Once you get close enough he walks towards the shop, and you can time it perfectly to poison him and walk around the corner. It might be possible to be Notorious here, but finding a crowd with all those guards outside is a real pain.

The second clip is me Notorious. The idea here is to hyper blend and poison him at the exact same spot as last time. If you hold R1 and start jumping the second you climb up, you can keep your blend. You can do this to any white sheet free running steps as well. As soon as you grab onto the rope and swing around the corner, he starts walking. You gotta jump right next to him, if you bump him and poison him he will stay on the spot. However if you jump next to him and poison him, he will walk up to the shop anyway, and the Seeker will follow him, making it easier to walk around the corner without being noticed. I was unlucky with crowds and didnt want to risk leaving the theives, it took me like 2 hours to get all this right

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When you upload, open up windows movie maker, go to the View tab, and change the aspect ratio to 16:9

Then upload 720 or 1080p. looks much better Big smile

Other than that, nice.