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Marco Barbarico Superfast Blitz Assassination

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Here is a description of the video.

Superfast blitz: Marco can be killed immediately after the scene thanks to an exploit that I've seen in The Nine Lives of Dante video (kudos to whoever found that out). When this scene starts Ezio will teleport to a certain spot. However you can avoid teleporting if you are in water. When the scene starts the camera view will freeze, so I use the contextual camera to see the area where Marco is. After the scene starts you can climb up on the ship, but don't get into a standing position or Ezio will teleport.

Attempted preassassinations: I tried to preassassinate Marco during the scene but failed. An air assassinate will fail, and I tried an air tackle but got teleported before I could assassinate. I also tried a few other things not shown in the video. I'm unable to do a low profile ledge assassination, a high profile ledge assassination will fail, and Marco isn't affected by throwing knives during the scene. So who knows if there is a way to preassassinate him.

One of the nine lives of Dante: In The Nine Lives of Dante video Dante was killed after stealing the mask by being thrown into water. However he can be killed normally right after you steal the mask from him. Just steal and immediately assassinate (don't wait or he'll have unlimited health and can't be killed).

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The good thing about exploits is using them in every good way possible. So you found out that exploit, Vanitas. A million kudos to you then! Big smile
I always wanted to do a superfast blitz. By the way, I recently found out Marco can be preassassinated right before the scene (he comes back to life during the scene), so you can expect a video soon.

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wow geuss that lil exploit i found was pretty significant :b i feel special now :b even better then the edge jup exploit i found out whare its another way to get into pallazo seta w/o climb leap ^^

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awesome job!