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From the mists of the In-Between, a stranger appears...

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Everywhere and nowhere
Joined: 08/02/2015

Greetings, I have quite a few names that a go by, but since it was available here, I have chosen to go with the name of my OC, Aegis. I'm an 18 year old young man who makes art and writes when I'm not being lazy. I am also a gamer, and will play pretty much anything that looks interesting. That's really all I can share without turning this into an essay, but if you people decide for some weird reason that you want to know more about me, and enough people ask, I will considering writing a full 'essay' explaining all there is to know about me that's actually interesting. The 3 sites where I can be found for gaming, art, and writing can be accessed by clicking the pictures below. Otherwise, I probably won't contribute much, as I made this account since I know I'll be coming here often. But then again, maybe I'll contribute something, maybe I won't. Who knows?
On a side note, if there is a place on this website where one can share their art, I will occasionally post the various works of art I make, when I make them, and the same goes for my short stories.


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Leo K
Toronto, Canada
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Welcome Aegis! May you enjoy your time here.
There's a thread called "Assassin Art" somewhere in the forums. Just Search for it. You're totally welcome to post your art there.

I'm a writer myself - I do more Original Fiction than fanfiction these days. Most of the time I end up discussing Assassin's Creed's design with Jermaine and how we can make the series better.

That aside, in case you don't know what this place is about - we feature highly skilled or out-of-the-box gameplay. You can check out videos we make by using the sidebar, or checking out the Front Page.

I'm sure you'll meet everyone else here in due time. Just start posting and we should be able to integrate you pretty fluidly! We're a pretty small community so there's not a huge number of us here, which also means we're generally most active whenever new AC releases or new AC news hits. When we're active though, we're REALLY active.