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Wet Work

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This video took some time so thanks for watching it. You have no idea how many retries i had to do to do the whole thing without being seen.

However every time i attack the target, my PS3 freezes. Also i was wondering if it is possible to air assassinate him from the mast without being seen? I did it before but i was seen.

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Oh i felt it was more stylish to take out the lone guard anyway on that high mast

I didnt know i could get the brute, i was going to go on board and leave him last but i saw an opportunity and took it. I pulled everyone over except the target, wanted it to look more stylish. However no matter how i did it my PS3 froze...

I encountered a glitch where i made the target freeze. Im not sure how, at one point i was seen i thought screw it i will kill everyone but him. I killed everyone and disarmed the target. He picked up the Brutes weapon and started chasing me. Suddenly he stopped and i was anonymous. He didn't attack me when i pushed him and didn't move. I climbed the mast and air assassinated him, however i felt it was too cheap so i left it out

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You can pull literally everyone off of the boat without actually ever boarding it. Start with the guards closest to the edges and work your way around the edge of the ship, taking them out slowly and cautiously. The target himself is easy to dispose of, but the challenge is the brute. His path causes him to only walk in range of a low-profile ledge-assassinate once and it requires precise timing to avoid being seen. Once he is disposed of, the target can be thrown off the ship from almost any edge. This is due to the fact that his route follows the edge of the ship exclusively, with a brief stop at the ship's wheel.

However, the one place he cannot be anonymously assassinated from is the mast. Ezio climbs the mast too slowly to avoid being discovered, and even with the ledge jump ability picked up in Venice, you still cannot climb the sides because you're not climbing straight up. The best ways to anonymously assassinate him are by high profiling ledge-assassinating him from behind when he makes his stop at the ship's wheel, or pulling him over the edge when he walks by on the side of the ship.

Great job regardless. It's not the easiest of missions because you're so prone to being discovered in such a small area, and to make matters worse, you can't use throwing knives from boats. Instead of taking out those first three you could have taken the long way around and boarded from the back like I did, but no harm no foul.

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