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Doomsday Assassination Variety Pack

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A small variety pack for the Doomsday mission in sequence 13 Florence.

A way to save some time in assassinating is to activate the scene while jumping off the roof. This will have you start the mission from the ground (there is an awning that you will most likely land on instead of hitting the ground. If you hold the left analog stick up you will roll off the awning and onto the ground). There are two different ways I pull off a blitz:
1. I simply run to the target and assassinate. There is a group of guards you run into before reaching the target. I jump past them to avoid running into them. I've tried using smoke bombs to remain anonymous during this, but that has proven too difficult.
2. I throw manually aimed throwing knives. When I jump off the roof to activate the scene I face where the target appears. Unfortunately there are guards in the way which prevents me from killing him superfast. I also get detected for this blitz.

Springloaded Assassination
Air assassinate the target from so high up the animation is fast. Start off by clearing the rooftops of enemies. Then wait for the target to move forward towards the crowd, about the time when he says, "You will sanctify your bodies and spirits." Lock onto him and climb to the roof. The highest you can get him with an air assassination is when running up the cross, you can't get him while hanging from the cross.

Eagle Strike
The highest you can get the target where he walks is from the top of the cross of the building. Wait until he walks to the entrance of the nearby building to jump and grasp the awning right above the entrance. I previously locked onto the target in the hopes that it might make the air assassination faster, but it didn't really help.

Throwing Knives from the Cross
Snipe the target from as high and far away as possible. After locking onto him climb to the side of the cross (you are unable to throw knives from the very top). The farthest you can get him from is right before he enters the nearby building. From this far away you have a great chance of missing, so you will have to rely on some luck.

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aurllcooljay wrote:
I throw manually aimed throwing knives. When I jump off the roof to activate the scene I face where the target appears.

That one made me do a double take: When did he have time manually aim? On the roof before the cutscene!

You won't even feel the blade.

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You can expect some more, Patrick. I actually have some videos already recorded and uploaded but don't want to put them all here at once.
And yeah, Stabby, I guess the pre-manual aiming sounded a little strange. I kept doing that over and over until I concluded that some guards always blocked the path of the throwing knives (at least at the beginning of the assassination). If I waited a little longer there might have been a clear path. And if I preassassinated all the guards in the area beforehand I might have remained anonymous, but that's not permitted in blitzes.

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More brilliance from you, Aurel! Laughing out loud