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Girolamo Savonarola

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Upward Mobility - Early Death

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When we accept a task, the system will reset the guards back to the default location. But, when the rooftop guards leaving their sentry post to chase us, if we become anonymous, a new guard will be born on the rooftop and replace that original guard. Also, that original guard will leave the scene. The good news is system will not reset the original guard. As you can see in my video, the system didn't remove that poisoning guard.

One more thing, After the animation of dialogue ends, the target will be born again. But I guess, if we can make him fall to his death in the moment of switching animation, maybe he will not be born again . For this, I have a reason in my another video about Francesco.

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Upward Mobility Blitz and Stealth Kill
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Upward Mobility is an assassination in sequence 13 Florence. Basically you chase the target while some guards come after you.

The fastest way to kill this target (without even moving!). At the beginning of the assassination mission the target is close enough to lock on to. The game switches your weapon to fists after the cutscene, so you will have to bring up the weapon wheel right away. After that simply lock on and shoot. I did not use throwing knives because Ezio will automatically throw them at the guards coming at him.

Stealth Kill
For this mission you are detected right away. I avoid this by bribing a herald to teleport me away from that spot. Now when I start the mission I am anonymous. However you become detected when you have a clear sight of the target, making it near impossible to kill him while remaining anonymous. I do the next best thing- remain unseen by any guards that are alerted to me. When I am first detected the minimap is yellow, indicating that the alerted guards haven't seen me. Right afterward I blend in with a group of thieves and go into superblend to be hidden. I messed up a little and almost desyncronized, but it all eventually turned out good with an in-your-face assassination that had a nice result. Cool

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Doomsday Assassination Variety Pack
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A small variety pack for the Doomsday mission in sequence 13 Florence.

A way to save some time in assassinating is to activate the scene while jumping off the roof. This will have you start the mission from the ground (there is an awning that you will most likely land on instead of hitting the ground. If you hold the left analog stick up you will roll off the awning and onto the ground). There are two different ways I pull off a blitz:
1. I simply run to the target and assassinate. There is a group of guards you run into before reaching the target. I jump past them to avoid running into them. I've tried using smoke bombs to remain anonymous during this, but that has proven too difficult.
2. I throw manually aimed throwing knives. When I jump off the roof to activate the scene I face where the target appears. Unfortunately there are guards in the way which prevents me from killing him superfast. I also get detected for this blitz.

Springloaded Assassination
Air assassinate the target from so high up the animation is fast. Start off by clearing the rooftops of enemies. Then wait for the target to move forward towards the crowd, about the time when he says, "You will sanctify your bodies and spirits." Lock onto him and climb to the roof. The highest you can get him with an air assassination is when running up the cross, you can't get him while hanging from the cross.

Eagle Strike
The highest you can get the target where he walks is from the top of the cross of the building. Wait until he walks to the entrance of the nearby building to jump and grasp the awning right above the entrance. I previously locked onto the target in the hopes that it might make the air assassination faster, but it didn't really help.

Throwing Knives from the Cross
Snipe the target from as high and far away as possible. After locking onto him climb to the side of the cross (you are unable to throw knives from the very top). The farthest you can get him from is right before he enters the nearby building. From this far away you have a great chance of missing, so you will have to rely on some luck.

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Port Authority Eagle Strike
[Front-paged, stabguy]

Port Authority is an assassination in the sequence thirteen's Bonfire of Vanities. The eagle strike is done from the nearby viewpoint. Start off by assassinating the two posted guards by the stairs to the port. You'll need one of them to lure with so I throw one of them down into the water and the other at a certain place right next to a building. Then I climb up and get the attention of an archer. I climb up to a higher roof and get in open conflict using a throwing knife (if I was detected on the same roof level I would have desynchronized since stealth is a requirement in this mission. However, thanks to the "already exposed" exploit I don't have to worry about failing the mission as long as I'm still exposed). Now in open conflict, I rush into the port area and onto the ship where I take out a couple of guards to make this easier. Now that the target is chasing after me I lead him to the spot where I left the dead body and escape his detection. He notices the dead body and stays in that spot. Then I climb up the viewpoint, hang by the edge and perform a side jump. I grasp the ledge of the building and lock onto the target. Even though I'm tapping the attack button the air assassination isn't that fast (probably because Ezio is hanging by his arms).

Accidental Deaths: Here are two cases in which the target might accidentally die.
1. When he is jumping off the ship and onto the port area. This is probably affected by how many other guards there are since they bump into each other in such small spaces.
2. When he leaves the port area he makes a small jump. This could also cause him to fall into the water.

Another Accident: This happened while I was recording, so I thought it was worth showing. I manage to kill all the guards on the ship and get the No Hitter achievement. The target flees as a result.

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Still Life Assassination Variety Pack
[Front-paged. stabguy]

Sunday Stroll Stunt: This stunt is done from a viewpoint, nearly high enough that the fall kills Ezio. Start off by poisoning a character to make the target flee (apologies that I poisoned a civilian, just trying to save time Evil ). When the target flees you want to stay within forty meters to avoid desynchronization. You need to quickly climb up to the spot on the viewpoint before the target passes by that area. As you can see there are two different outcomes. One is a side step kill animation. The other is a stationary kill animation. One more thing to note is since Ezio is down to no health squares when he hits the ground there is a short slow motion effect.

Tripwire: Basically the same as the Sunday Stroll Stunt except the target is killed with a manually aimed hidden gun. I kill a group of guards to avoid open conflict.

Long Shot: What I like about this one is it gives me a reason to use the sprint board. Big smile Get to the area where the archer is patrolling on the platform overlooking the bonfire. Kill him and use his dead body to make the target flee, lock on and aim the hidden gun. The mission fails when you are 40-60 meters from the target. I don't know why that is, but I think it might be affected by how fast you and/or the target is moving. I get fifty five meters when I choose to shoot. I might have been able to get a little more, but the mission would usually fail and I didn't want to take any chances.

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Port Authority Blitz
--- front paged by Ian ---
For my first video on the Bonfire of Vanities I improved the blitz on Port Authority mission. Basically I avoid going in the water and instead use a smoke bomb for stealth. This saves some time. As for whether the blitz is anonymous, well, I am detected while performing the air assassination, so I'm not really sure.

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Arch Nemesis

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Silent Rites

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The first clip is a "silent" kill where I eliminate all enemies in the stage without being alerted before taking out the target

The last clip is a Mysterious Death.

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Arch Nemesis - Waypoint Separation Eagle Strike

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The target in the Arch Nemesis mission of Bonfire of the Vanities is programmed to stay on his balcony. If you try to move him off the balcony, he will attempt to return there (i.e., the balcony is his waypoint). It turns out that he cannot climb back up to his balcony if you bring him down to street level. Once at street level, he cannot reach his waypoint, so he will be unresponsive. I use this as an opportunity to position him for an eagle strike from a nearby viewpoint tower.

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Bonfire of the Vanities - Complex Assassinations

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Port Authority - 39 Meters
The goal in this video is to shoot the target from as far away as possible. You desynchronize at a distance of 40 meters, so 39 meters seems to be the best one can do.

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