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Eagle Strike

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Emilio Leaves the Front Door Open
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Look at the title picture and guess what will happen.

When you start from the last checkpoint in the Emilio mission desynchronize a good distance away from where the map marker is (in the video it's nearly 160 meters away). When you spawn back there aren't any posted guards around the palazzo, and the front door is open. This is related to There is no Spoon type missions, with an object no longer being modeled in the game. Now you can just waltz in there instead of having to infiltrate from the roof.

Emilio Outside the Palazzo
After the cutscene stealthily kill all the guards in there (I also hide their dead bodies). Wait for the boat to arrive before going after Emilio. With the door missing you can drag him outside. Wait, doesn't that contradict what was later said about how Emilio died?
Anyway, Emilio's AI is to escape on the boat, but there's a problem. The AI of characters still thinks the door is there, so he is turkey shooted. Now for a stylish assassination. Place Emilio by the well outside and jump from the highest point in the palazzo, one of the chimneys. This is A Hole in One, one of the most recent assassination styles (a deadly fall landing safely into a well). Afterwards there is the scene with the thieves, and of course Rosa opens the front door, despite it not being there.

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Eagle Strike from San Marco Campanile

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The Eagle Strike at San Marco Campanile was missed, so i found a way to remedy it Laughing out loud

The Assassination Contract i used there is "Zero Tolerance", it seems the only one where you're free to move around the target, and it's the closest to San Marco (still 250+ meters).

There isn't much to explain there, i just grabbed the target without being detected, and moved him near the San Marco Campanile, at the west side. A smoke bomb to freeze him was not needed, the target was already unresponsive because of the waypoint separation.
This Eagle Strike required a manual aim, otherwise Ezio would automatically jump in one of the 3 haystacks.

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Doomsday Assassination Variety Pack
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A small variety pack for the Doomsday mission in sequence 13 Florence.

A way to save some time in assassinating is to activate the scene while jumping off the roof. This will have you start the mission from the ground (there is an awning that you will most likely land on instead of hitting the ground. If you hold the left analog stick up you will roll off the awning and onto the ground). There are two different ways I pull off a blitz:
1. I simply run to the target and assassinate. There is a group of guards you run into before reaching the target. I jump past them to avoid running into them. I've tried using smoke bombs to remain anonymous during this, but that has proven too difficult.
2. I throw manually aimed throwing knives. When I jump off the roof to activate the scene I face where the target appears. Unfortunately there are guards in the way which prevents me from killing him superfast. I also get detected for this blitz.

Springloaded Assassination
Air assassinate the target from so high up the animation is fast. Start off by clearing the rooftops of enemies. Then wait for the target to move forward towards the crowd, about the time when he says, "You will sanctify your bodies and spirits." Lock onto him and climb to the roof. The highest you can get him with an air assassination is when running up the cross, you can't get him while hanging from the cross.

Eagle Strike
The highest you can get the target where he walks is from the top of the cross of the building. Wait until he walks to the entrance of the nearby building to jump and grasp the awning right above the entrance. I previously locked onto the target in the hopes that it might make the air assassination faster, but it didn't really help.

Throwing Knives from the Cross
Snipe the target from as high and far away as possible. After locking onto him climb to the side of the cross (you are unable to throw knives from the very top). The farthest you can get him from is right before he enters the nearby building. From this far away you have a great chance of missing, so you will have to rely on some luck.

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Port Authority Eagle Strike
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Port Authority is an assassination in the sequence thirteen's Bonfire of Vanities. The eagle strike is done from the nearby viewpoint. Start off by assassinating the two posted guards by the stairs to the port. You'll need one of them to lure with so I throw one of them down into the water and the other at a certain place right next to a building. Then I climb up and get the attention of an archer. I climb up to a higher roof and get in open conflict using a throwing knife (if I was detected on the same roof level I would have desynchronized since stealth is a requirement in this mission. However, thanks to the "already exposed" exploit I don't have to worry about failing the mission as long as I'm still exposed). Now in open conflict, I rush into the port area and onto the ship where I take out a couple of guards to make this easier. Now that the target is chasing after me I lead him to the spot where I left the dead body and escape his detection. He notices the dead body and stays in that spot. Then I climb up the viewpoint, hang by the edge and perform a side jump. I grasp the ledge of the building and lock onto the target. Even though I'm tapping the attack button the air assassination isn't that fast (probably because Ezio is hanging by his arms).

Accidental Deaths: Here are two cases in which the target might accidentally die.
1. When he is jumping off the ship and onto the port area. This is probably affected by how many other guards there are since they bump into each other in such small spaces.
2. When he leaves the port area he makes a small jump. This could also cause him to fall into the water.

Another Accident: This happened while I was recording, so I thought it was worth showing. I manage to kill all the guards on the ship and get the No Hitter achievement. The target flees as a result.

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Carlo Grimaldi Assassination Variety Pack

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The Carlo Grimaldi assassination is somewhat scripted and linear, so I put as much creativity in this video as possible. Party

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Eagle Strike on Jacobo de Pazzi

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To perform an eagle strike on Jacobo you first need to reanimate him. Basically you attack him with a weapon while your being attacked. Before you move him kill the guards outside the amphitheater and in the city entrance and lower your notoriety to prevent from being detected. To prevent him from teleporting after moving him from the interaction zone you need to poison him. The best time to do this is when you need to throw him once to move him out of the theater. After that don't throw him or the poison effect may be shortened. Drag him across Tuscany to the tower shown in the video. (this tower is next to the building where you first see Jacobo) You won't be able to drag him across some stairs in the city. Throw him in the right spot to be air tackled and climb up the tower. The poison will give you very limited time to perform an eagle strike on Jacobo, but luckily the tower has a straight line of ledges to climb up. When you jump off the tower change the camera view to target him for an air tackle.

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Bernardo Baroncelli: Eagle Strikes from "Torre Grossa"

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The goal of this mission is to move Bernardo Baroncelli to Piazza del Duomo, then make an eagle strike on him from "Torre Grossa"

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"Day at the market" - Eagle strike from Giotto's Campanile

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Video informations:

- Go near the target and use a smoke bomb without being seen, he will start to flee without see you.
- Follow him until he reach the cathedral, then grab and drag him in the right point near the Giotto's Campanile.
- Use a smoke bomb and run away immediately, in this way he will be immobilized.
- Reach the top of Giotto's Campanile and enjoy your Eagle Strike =)

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Flee Market Assassination Variety Pack

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Here's a description of each assassination.

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Arch Nemesis - Waypoint Separation Eagle Strike

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The target in the Arch Nemesis mission of Bonfire of the Vanities is programmed to stay on his balcony. If you try to move him off the balcony, he will attempt to return there (i.e., the balcony is his waypoint). It turns out that he cannot climb back up to his balcony if you bring him down to street level. Once at street level, he cannot reach his waypoint, so he will be unresponsive. I use this as an opportunity to position him for an eagle strike from a nearby viewpoint tower.

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