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Early Death

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Upward Mobility - Early Death

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When we accept a task, the system will reset the guards back to the default location. But, when the rooftop guards leaving their sentry post to chase us, if we become anonymous, a new guard will be born on the rooftop and replace that original guard. Also, that original guard will leave the scene. The good news is system will not reset the original guard. As you can see in my video, the system didn't remove that poisoning guard.

One more thing, After the animation of dialogue ends, the target will be born again. But I guess, if we can make him fall to his death in the moment of switching animation, maybe he will not be born again . For this, I have a reason in my another video about Francesco.

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Carnevale Fun and Games: Marco Barbarigo

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Highlights from Sequence 9 of Assassin's Creed II, set in Dorsoduro during Carnevale. THB regulars may want to skip And They're Off and CTF as these are merely FAQs for beginners who have difficulty completing these missions. There's a "Click here to skip FAQs" button for your convenience.

Nun the Wiser

Five well-placed gun shots are enough to essentially clear the square for Carnevale. The host must be embarrassed to address an audience of four people.

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Rodrigo Borgia's Early Death in Sequence 11
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When you fight Rodrigo in sequence 11 there are barriers to prevent you from leaving the area. You can get past them by dropping down on a certain roof, allowing you to move past the barrier. However this causes you to be past a memory wall, draining your health and preventing you from getting too far away (better stock up on medicine and armor). Now for killing Rodrigo by drowning him. There are invisible barriers that prevent npcs from falling into the water. Here's how to get the target past these barriers: Go to the roof shown on the video and wait for Rodrigo to arrive. Then get him to go on a rope connecting two buildings and get to ground level. When the target gets to ground level he will be on the other side of the barrier. Climb back up and go to the higher roof. There are two paths Rodrigo will take to get to you. One leads him the way he came on the rope connecting the buildings. This won't work because it leads him back to your side of the barrier. The other path, however, will work because he stays on the other side. After drowning him the cutscene starts. But there's something different. Rodrigo isn't in the scene! For the next scene to start simply kill the guards who appear. After that scene more guards appear, along with some allies. The next scene can't start because Rodrigo needs to have his health taken down, and he's already dead. If you wait till then to drown Rodrigo the scene will start, with him missing of course, and you can progress through the game.

Messing Around Earlier in the Memory
After being disguised as a guard you can roam around freely. When you get within a certain distance of the lead guard he starts walking, and there's a distance restriction. Here's how to get around that. Throw at least one knife at him to move him away. Now you don't have to worry about getting so close that he starts walking. You can now go to Rodrigo without activating the scene. Rodrigo is invincible, and if you try using grab move he walks back to his spot. Plus there's a distance restriction to the box you're carrying, so an early death at this particular part of the memory doesn't look possible. But one thing you can do is remove the two guards from the scene. The game desynchronizes you if you kill any characters at this part of the memory, so you have to kill them in a way that the game doesn't recognize as you killing them. In this case push them into water.

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Carlo Grimaldi's Slightly Early Death
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Starting from the checkpoint when you reach the Palazzo Ducale, head left to quickly reach the scene location without being seen. Hang above the scene starter while getting a guard's attention. Make sure he walks onto the ledge leading into the room. Drop down to the corner of the awning (far enough away from the center that you don't start the scene but not so much that you stumble off the awning) in the way shown in the video. Immediately throw a smoke bomb to avoid detection. Now throw a knife at the guard to move him into the room. If he isn't positioned correctly, the guard won't fall into the room, and you will have to start over. After that climb up the wall and air assassinate the guard. You will jump over the scene starter without activating the scene. Now that you're in the room you can assassinate Carlo before the scene. One of the only ways to kill him at this point is with a melee weapon. There's also another glitch: Carry his body when you activate the scene (gotta love how the Doge turns his head to look at me carrying the body) Big smile . Carlo won't appear in the scene. However he "comes back to life" and runs away as usual. The reanimation happens whether you carry Carlo or not. Since Carlo is already dead and immune to any kind of attacks there is no way to progress through the game without quitting.

A Few Other Things
Just a couple more stuff worth mentioning when trying to pre kill Carlo. Air assassinations fail; grabbing and attacks with fists as well as most weapons don't affect him; you can steal from him, but it doesn't really do anything; he can be air tackled, but teleports back into the chair; the hidden blade can't be used to kill him unless you tackled him to the ground. And it also shows how Carlo is still in the scene if you're not carrying him when you start the scene.

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There is no Dante and Silvio (preassassinations)
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Both Dante and Silvio appear in Cheaters Never Prosper memory. This is where you fight to win the golden mask. Preassassinating either of them has a different result. The first step in all this is to avoid teleporting into the fight ring by jumping into the water after accepting the challenge. This was originally discovered by Vanitas (LadiciusFMU on YouTube). Now for the preassassination part.

Dante Moro: Grab the guard you're fighting and move him at Dante to move him around. This is basically the exploit of moving characters who normally couldn't be moved in the game. When you move him near the edge of the nearby dock be careful that the guard doesn't fall in the water which would instantly fail the mission. After Dante has fallen in the water continue to fight the guards. When the cutscene happens Dante isn't there. This causes a glitch where the scene doesn't end and the mission has to be restarted to continue.

Silvio Barbarigo: Do basically the same thing with moving him to the water. I also did that to the guy heralding the fights. This time the scene ends and you are able to progress through the game. But even more hilarity occurs without those characters in the game. In the next scene the camera stays on Ezio (it seems the camera is focused on the herald during that scene). And in the final scene Ezio is on stage alone and Dante is handed an invisible mask.

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Carlo Grimaldi Assassination Variety Pack

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The Carlo Grimaldi assassination is somewhat scripted and linear, so I put as much creativity in this video as possible. Party

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The Nine Lives of Dante Moro

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This is not a "variety pack" video on the assassination of Dante Moro. Rather, it demonstrates how to use a variety of exploits to kill Dante practically every time he appears in the story during Sequences 8, 9 and 10. Each time he manages to rise from the dead.

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Dante Moro and Silvio Barbarigo - Assassination Variety Pack

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Anonymous Blitz
If you don't enter l'Arsenale, you will stay Anonymous and the targets won't move past their first waypoint. This is the perfect opportunity to kill them with throwing knives. They will be too far away to lock onto, so you'll have to aim "manually." Throwing knives travel in the direction of your last horizontal movement. Walk in the direction you would like to aim, and look over Ezio's head to fine tune your aim.

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